Own a Highly Profitable, Highly Scalable Business

and dominate the market selling

Premium Business Binders & Accessories

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The Changing Landscape

For the last 20 years, the Internet has been the greatest force reshaping the business landscape, and it continues to create more winners and more losers.

Winners Make Bold Shifts

  • Microsoft pivots to sell software as a service over the web, is a cloud juggernaugt and becomes the highest valued company in the S&P 500
  • Apple shifts from selling PCs to smart phones and puts the Internet in our pocket becoming the first trillion dollar company
  • Amazon shifts from selling books to selling everything and becomes America's dominant Internet retailer and marketplace. Jeff Bezos becomes the richest person in America and the feared disrupter
  • Google dominates search and expands to your phone, browser, home, car, and workplace. It's 60% gross profit margin propels the company forward.

Losers Fail to Act

  • After failing to pivot hard and fast, once revered companies shutter their doors: Circuit City, HH Gregg, B. Dalton, Borders, Sears, K-Mart, Travel Agencies, and the list goes on and on...
  • However, with the Internet winds at their back, the little guy can quickly become a key player in their industry

About the Business

  • Customized premium business binders and accessories
  • High-traffic online store with state of the art Magento backend configured for off the shelf and customized orders
  • Fast custom logo imprint on all products
  • 40+ binder colors in 8 materials with all popular sizes available in stock
  • Accessories include unique binder cases and heavy stock tab dividers in 20 colors, customized for any size order
  • Nationwide clientele in all major cities and Canada

A Premium brand to take your business to the next level

High-end ProductsLess Cost Sensitive Clients
Small Business ClientsMany Fortune 500 Clients
60% Gross Profit70% Repeat Business
Opportunity to Fulfill Printing NeedsIn-House Binder Production
Online PresenceEasily Scalable
Easily TransferableHelpful Owners

Make high-end sales
to high-end clients

Clients of this premium brand include...

Leverage the Premium Brand

  • Sell premium business binders and accessories to your current customers
  • Acquire an impressive client roster and market your current products
  • Work with clients that have proven themselves to be less cost-sensitive... but frequently time-sensitive and willing to pay rush fees
  • Turn more leads into sales — the typical lead has looked at products on the website and is highly convertible
  • Gain instant rapport with the impressive client roster of this premium brand

Make a highly profitable business even more profitable

  • Market to a lucrative nationwide customer base
  • Sell premium binders and accessories to your existing customers
  • Scale revenue to a multiple of your choosing
  • Move operations into your facility (or assume lease)
  • Give your current staff more work

Company Assets

  • $90,000 of inventory in raw materials and finished products, Made in America
  • $65,000 of equipment
  • State of the art Magento e-commerce websites
  • Premium brand name and trademark
  • More than 5,000 highly satisfied business clients in all major cities in the US and Canada
  • Supplier relationships, intellectual property, and business processes
  • Leased warehouse and office space (with great terms that you can assume or not)

Expanded Production Capabilities

  • New machinery purchased in 2019
  • Previously all Paolo Cardelli binders were made by manufacturing partners in the US. With the acquisition of new machinery, Paolo Cardelli now assembles binders in-house at their Rockville facility
  • Binder assembly enables greater flexibility and less inventory
  • The new machinery minimizes outside vendor dependencies
  • Reduced costs significantly bolster bottom line
  • Lowered production costs allow potential entry into mass market

Multiple Paths to Easy
Exponential Growth

  • Sell your goods and services to the brand's clients
  • Sell premium business binders and accessories to your clients
  • Add your goods and services to the brand's websites
  • Market binders through retailers and online shopping platforms
  • Online advertising can easily be expanded and improved
  • All the building blocks are in place... waiting to be scaled

Get ahead of your competition

  • The Internet hasn't been a friend to all businesses. With a premium brand and state of the art Magento e-commerce websites, the Internet becomes your best sales channel
  • Capitalize on the unique "in" to upsell additional goods and services. How many of your competitors have anything similar?
  • Be a premium, nationwide brand and not just a commodity
  • Rare opportunity to buy a company that sells to both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies
  • The current company size is perfect for an affordable acquisition


Premium BrandLess Cost Sensitive Clients
Small Business ClientsMany Fortune 500 Clients
60% Gross Profit70% Repeat Business
Fulfill Printing NeedsEnhanced Production Capabilities
Online PresenceHighly Scalable
Easily TransferableHelpful Owners
Rare OpportunityPerfect Acquisition Size

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